7 Home Staging Tips for Whistler Real Estate

Spring is here and the mountain is looking gorgeous with wild flowers coming in here and there. Many of us are thinking about future plans and new adventures this time of year as summer vacations are drawing near. This means some of us are thinking about selling their homes and moving to new beginnings and on the other side, some are looking for a new home right here in Whistler. As a Whistler Realtor® I feel that I should share some home staging tips that will help any of you help your home look its best – whether you plan on piquing a buyer’s interest or not.

7 Home Staging Tips

1. Everything is Tidy and in Good Condition – When potential buyers come into your home they want to see everything in its ideal condition. This means no half hanging light fixtures, stained carpets, or broken handles on appliances. If you have the chance to replace any broken appliances or fixtures it can really go a long way when selling.

2. Lighting – Installing a chandelier can definitely upgrade a room’s aesthetic. Even if it’s not a chandelier, a light fixture can still improve the room’s atmosphere as lighting is very important – especially if the potential buyers come in the evening.

3. Create Open Space – De-clutter your rooms and make space for people to move around in. Hanging mirrors on your walls can also give the impression of more open space.

4. Make your Kitchen Sparkle – As a Whistler Realtor® I often see kitchens that instantly seal the deal and sometimes I just shake my head. Maintaining a clean kitchen is an important part of any household but when you’re planning on selling, a clean kitchen may just be the selling feature. Include a plant or two in your kitchen’s décor to really spruce it up and give it that fresh feeling – perhaps fresh herbs and flowers.

5. Gardens and Curb Appeal – A healthy and green lawn with colorful flower beds can really drive up the curb appeal of any home. Ensure your driveway is also cleaned and free of any oil stains with available space for parking.

6. Rethink Personalized Belongings – When people come in to view a home they want to envision themselves living there. Avoid keeping your family photos on the wall and on shelves because potential buyers want to see a neutral setting not a bunch of family photos and keepsakes from your family.

7. Plants and Air Quality – Try to arrange a fresh and inviting setting for your potential buyers. Using an air purifier is the best because it circulates air and filters out allergens and dust. Incorporating plants in your home’s décor is also a way to give it a fresh and natural look. Light a candle and open some windows to create the full experience of clean natural air.  

I hope that these tips come in handy when you’re staging your home to look its best. If you or anyone you know has any questions about our current listings, please feel free to contact me and I’ll be glad to help. 

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