Five Questions to Ask When You’re Thinking About Selling Your House


Deciding to sell your home is a big step to take. This is true if you’re just moving to the other side of Whistler or if you’re moving across the country. You could go back and forth for years trying to decide if it’s a good idea or if it’s something you’ll immediately regret. If you’re starting to lean more and more towards selling your home, here are some questions for you to consider.

Is the real estate market in your area doing well?

You don’t want to put your house up for sale only to have it not be bought. You should check what else is for sale in your area, and you should see how long those houses are spending on the market before being bought up. If the market in your area is currently floundering, it might be best to wait a little while before putting up that “For Sale” sign.

Are there any problems in your house that need fixing?

Before you put your house up for sale, you want to be sure that all those little problems in your house are fixed. A house with a leaky toilet or a broken dishwasher will turn away potential buyers. Even a house that has chipped paint or outdated floors can cause problems. It will save you a lot of time and money if you take care of those small things before your first Open House.

Are you financially ready to make the move?

Moving is a huge expense. If you’re not careful, you can put a financial burden on yourself by moving. Before you put your current house on the market, be sure to make sure you can afford it. After all, you don’t want to have to spend the first few months in your new house stressed about finances.

Are you emotionally ready to make the move?

This is something that not a lot of people think about, but it is a huge part of moving. Your house is your life. It is full of memories, especially if you’ve lived there for a significant portion of your adult life. Sometimes it might seem like it’s time to move on, but then you’ll realize that you truly aren’t ready for that step yet.

Are you ready for all of the work that comes from moving?

Moving is tough. You have to clean everything, throw out many old things, and decide what furniture you’re keeping. Even if you hire movers you will still be looking at weeks of physical work. Make sure you’re ready for all of that before you put your house on the market.

I hope that these tips come in handy when you're thinking about selling. If you would like assistance or have some more questions you'd like answered before listing your home, please contact me.  

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