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sutton real estate whistler tells the story of Whistler.

Driving along the Sea to Sky Highway, takes you to a town called Whistler nestled next to the Blackcomb and Whistler mountains in British Columbia. Its scenic beauty, tall evergreens of pine, alpine and cedar dusted with winter snow gives a living masterpiece to enjoy again and again.

A Special Place Goes with the View

A host of the 2010 Winter Olympics, Whistler comes not as an everyday town. Surrounded by ancient forests and translucent luscious lakes, the residents have a deep passion for caring for the environment. Starting out as a gathering place for Native Americans, the area served as a vital trade route of migrating merchants. The migration has remained, but has transformed to people buying homes in Whistler for retirement, for second homes, for vacation and permanent residency. For those interested in permanent residency, chalet prices average $1,600,000, townhomes around $700,000 and condos around $370,000.

Attracting nearly two million visitors a year means plenty of small business opportunity for those with the persistence, and ingenuity.  Wintertime those who love skiing find Whistler resources satisfy their needs graciously. With snowfall at 462 inches almost every winter time activity has a resort dedicated to it. Plenty of rental space exists for those people who wish to visit and experience the town.


An active lifestyle comes as part of the package when residing in or visiting Whistler. A short list of the things available is below:

  • Well-developed ski trails from the 2010 Winter Olympics show the best of what Canadian resorts have to offer. Made for all ages and all levels, ski lessons here give you what you need and get you into the snow as soon as possible.
  • Backcountry adventures come as a given with ski lodge lift lines giving access to remote areas. Fall/winter snow activities, spring/summer sighting wildlife, and wilderness exploration come available from the many recreation and ecotourism businesses that cater to those kinds of excursions.
  • Even if you don’t ski Whistler offers shows, restaurants, high quality art galleries, First Nations Native American cultural exhibits, museum and a library for family adventures.
  • Two mountains (Whistler and Black Comb) with a PEAK to PEAK gondola give a 360 degree view of the alpine forests and town while giving you a journey through the clouds.



Plenty of housing exist but for families’ quality schools come to the top of the list. Sea to Sky Public School believes in an open door policy with parents. Using a philosophy based on collaboration and a friendly engaging coffee house model, the school system establishes relationships with the community, government, and alumni. Students are enveloped in the history and culture of the original native residents. Part of the “Healthy School” program, the school promotes wellness policies in relationships, schools, and business.  Whistler-Blackcomb Foundation has through a $300,000 grant provided websites,  wifi, and mobile deployment technology.

Whether going to the slopes or into town for errands, Whistler can satisfy your playing or business needs. If you have any questions regarding Sutton Real Estate Whistler please contact me

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