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Working with Whistler Real Estate has its few perks but I never thought I’d be chosen to do a segment on a new Reality T.V show. A few months ago I entered for a chance to be featured on a new Reality T.V show, “Realty Reality.” After the preliminary research the entrants were filtered down to just seven realtors – and luckily enough I was chosen!

On the night before the shoot we had a couple of inches of snowfall. In the morning, all the clouds were gone and there was a just a light dusting of snow on the rooftops and trees. It was a beautiful and crisp day on the mountain and as the Whistler Realtor of the show, I couldn’t think of better weather to show Whistler Real Estate in.

At this point I was still a bit surprised about being picked and as the shoot got drew near I found myself growing more nervous. But the nervousness was soon dispelled as I began meeting the crew and other guests for the show. What started out as nervousness had soon turned into excitement. To begin the segment the crew interviewd the buyer and after the interview I showed the buyer 3 homes which all showcased something unique about Whistler real estate.

A large focus of the show was on sustainability and green energy. To help with the education aspect we had some energy experts and home inspectors join the showings as well. The experts made suggestions on green renovations, energy consumption, and even gardening. Altogether, the show was very entertaining and I even learned a thing or two about sustainable energy.

“Realty Reality” is aired on Chek TV from Victoria, BC and starts at 6:30pm on Saturdays. There are 13 episodes in the show and it’s written to educate and entertain while allowing viewers a chance to see some of the most unique homes in British Columbia from Kelowna to Whistler. View Trailer.  

I’m very excited I had the opportunity to take part in such a fun project and if the chance ever arose again I would definitely partake. I hope you tune in to watch, I know I will! If you have any questions about the current homes available on the Whistler real estate market please contact me

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