Whistler Real Estate Welcomes Tough Mudder


After two great years, one of Whistler’s most popular summer events is returning for 2014. Tough Mudder, is now officially an annual event that will take place in the Whistler Olympic Park in Callaghan Valley on June 21 & 22, 2014. As a Whistler resident I’m familiar with thrill seeking sports so it’s natural that I’m tempted to participate in this year’s event and experience the rush for myself.

Tough Mudder is essentially an obstacle course which utilizes the natural landscape of the forest as well as the trails. The obstacle course is built to be to be tough and team work is highly encouraged as not every participant finished the course. Only 78% of entrants actually finish the obstacle course.

In the Tough Mudder pledge they note that the event is not a race, but a challenge and that all participants should put teamwork before their own course time. The spirit behind the event is a lot more fun than other similar events such as the Ironman which is said to be more stressful than fun. This explains the gutsy costumes, excitable teams, and public success of the event. 

The course is roughly 10 -12 miles of intense obstacles built to make you tough. The event pushes your body to the limits testing your stamina, strength, and determination. You can expect to see obstacles such as swimming underwater in near freezing temperatures, running through fire and live electrical wires, and many different walls to climb and cross. After you finish the event, you are welcomed with a orange Tough Mudder headband, a well-deserved beer, and a lot of celebration.

Some members of the public are upset that the government announced they were going to donate $100,000 to help fund the event. Many people feel the money would be misappropriated because the event is for profit and the government’s money should be spent on improving infrastructure. The provincial government states that the funding will result in increased tax revenue and will lead to an increase in overall public funding available. However, many residents still have their doubts about this comment. 

There were also many complaints about the quality of cleanup during the 2012 event as lots of garbage was left behind. But,the 2013 event was much better for logistics and clean up as there were no signs of pollution after the event finished. 

It’s events like this that really make me glad to live in the community and to be a part of Whistler real estate.  If you would like to get closer to the action, please contact me for information on our community and current listings.

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