Sutton Real Estate Whistler: Home Staging

I am thrilled to be working alongside Stacey White and to have the opportunity to offer her expertise to my clients. Stacey is the independent owner and operator of Pacific Style Staging and Design. This company was founded in Whistler, BC Canada in 2007. Stacey has a passion for creating spaces that look and feel right. A passion that is inspired by living in Whistler and being surrounded by natural beauty.

Design can be a daunting task. Stacey combines skills with local knowledge and experience to make sense of it all and turn even simple designs into works of art. The final appearance and workings of your home can be greatly enhanced by her expertise in bringing it all together, along with the true enjoyment of the process.

In my initial listing presentation we will discuss the benefits of using Stacey and whether a complimentary consultion will benefit the sale of the home and assist in acheiving the best sale price in the shortest timeframe.